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  • Happy New Year and Classic Hits in 2023!

    DURING THE FIRST MONTH OF 2023 we give Extra Plays to Hit Songs by Bands with January Born Members and Solo Singers Born in January, PLUS, some Extra Special Music Surprises along the way. JANUARY BIRTHDAY BUDDIES […]

  • December Born: Britney Spears, More!

    CLASSIC ROCK and POP OLDIES FAVS performed by great music stars and musicians are playing online in the music stream at GreatGold.fm Classic Hits Internet Radio. In December, mixed in with our customary, unique […]

  • November Born Include Bonnie Raitt

    IF YOU’RE LISTENING during November, CLASSIC ROCK AND POP OLDIES are playing online in the mix now in the GreatGold internet radio stream. NOVEMBER-BORN singers include BONNIE RAITT, TINA TURNER, BILLY IDOL, PERCY […]

  • Hear GreatGold Oct. Spotlited Songs

    GREATGOLD NEWS – If you were born in October you’re sharing Your Birthday Month with many of the music stars we play year around. Songs by October born singers and bands with members born in October are […]

  • We’re Ready For The Fall Season!

    GreatGold.fm Classic Hits Internet Radio is ready for you to enjoy the greatest mix of Classic Rock, Pop Oldies, and New and Notable Wannabees in our library of The Greats in our music liibrary. Among the songs you hear […]


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